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Our studies have advanced the understanding of autonomic dysfunction as it relates to diseases and conditions such as MS, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, POTS, and others, and our diagnosis and treatment program is unmatched.

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Michael Arata, M.D.

Dr. Arata is an innovator in the treatment of dysautonomia. He was the first physician to recognize the potential of endovenous dilation to improve autonomic function by stimulation of the venous distension reflex. Internationally recognized in both the treatment of venous disease and interventional radiology, Dr. Arata has performed many thousands of image-guided procedures. This experience lead to development of a minimally invasive treatment for those suffering symptoms of dysautonomia. The initial results of safety and efficacy of this treatment called TVAM have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals including Phlebology, Acta Phlebologica and the Journal of Endovascular Therapy.

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Our Success Rates

We’ve performed several hundred TVAM procedures, maintaining a 100% technical success rate. The initial publication regarding this treatment demonstrated a clinical (patient response) success rate in excess of 90%. Our treatment program begins with a clinical assessment, followed by autonomic testing. Treatment may lead to symptom relief during and directly after the procedure. While not all patients will respond to TVAM repeat performance of the procedure has yet to be performed on a patient.

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Our Patients

“I’ve been given a chance to do the things I love again” – Blake Williams

“It has been two years and not one of my symptoms has returned” – Wendy Bobolia

“I could not have imagined feeling this good” – Brian Jacobs

“My brain fog is gone and I can speak more clearly” – Paul Troche

“I am still feeling wonderful… Thank you all :)” – Christine Elliot

“Regained feeling in hands and feet after 40+ years of numbness!” – Ronald Calvert

“Thank you for this life-restoring treatment!” – Denise Baillie

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