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3 Important Points to Consider while Shipping an American Muscle Car to Australia

3 Important Points to Consider while Shipping an American Muscle Car to Australia 

So, you are returning to your homeland Australia after a long time from the United States and one of the most daunting tasks you have to perform is to transport your American muscle car from the US to Australia.

Whether you want to ship your car overseas or want car shipping Perth to Sydney from Dazmac Logistics, it’s required that you prepare your muscle car carefully for the journey inside a shipping container and on a transporter.

1. Who is Shipping Your American Muscle Car?

You don’t want to trust any transport company to ship your precious muscle car. You have to research about the company as a first step to confirm a smooth and safe vehicle transport experience.

It’s a good idea to start your research by searching for their reviews on Google and check everything from Facebook and Yelp to forums.

Check if they have earlier transported muscle cars and know the ins and outs of handling the muscle cars carefully to avoid any damage.

From this point of view, you can hire an American muscle imports like Dazmac Logistics.

2. Insurance Cover

Most muscle car owners don’t have a multi-million dollar Ferrari that needs special insurance during shipping. But muscle cars costing over $100,000 USD may hit the insurance limit of most car carriers.

Therefore using a shipping company that specialises in muscle cars will be a safer option. It’s also worth remembering that the insurance limit of shipping companies takes all cars on their trailer into account and not only yours.

Ask your transporter what they can cover. If your car costs more than their coverage, you can ask whether they can take out special insurance to ship your muscle car.Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

3. How will be Your Muscle Car Shipped?

Almost all new and secondhand cars are shipped on open carriers. These are, as the name suggests, transporters carrying an open trailer which contain one to six cars.

This is the cheapest way to ship a car. Your car will be exposed to rock chips, weather and dirt in an open trailer.

Although this may not be problematic for new cars that are covered in plastic or secondhand cars which have faced elements already, it can damage a muscle car.

Therefore shipping a muscle car in an enclosed transport is a safer method. In this method, your muscle car is placed in a closed trailer that protects the car during harsh conditions.

Thus the pristine paint job of your muscle car is protected from the sun and rocks.

Of course, the option of enclosed carrier is more expensive than an open carrier because less of them are available and they often carry the most expensive cars.

But how to ship a muscle car that doesn’t run or drive? If your muscle car doesn’t start, you should let the carrier know this.

If the car doesn’t start because of a dead battery, the carrier may have a jumpstart battery pack with them which they can use to get it started.

So, are you now ready to transport your beloved muscle car to your beloved motherland?

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