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Buying A Used Car? 7 Automatic Transmission Problems To Look Out For

Buying A Used Car? 7 Automatic Transmission Problems To Look Out For 

With good research and keen attention to details, buying used vehicle parts (e.g. Mercedes Benz used part) or purchasing a used car itself can be quite a good cost-effective investment. You can score a vehicle or a part of a vehicle for a lower price, without necessarily compromising its quality.

If you’re particularly eyeing to invest in a second-hand car, one of the things you need to look out for is if its automatic transmission is still in good condition. From the name itself, the automatic transmission is capable of automatically changing the gear ratios of a moving vehicle — allowing people to efficiently drive their cars without having to shift gears manually.

Worried about getting a used car with automatic transmission issues? Here are seven problems you have to be careful of.

You hear some clunking and whining. When you test drive your prospective car and you get some buzzing or humming from the transmission, you’d have to think twice first before buying the car. You should also be alarmed if you hear some more bumping when the car is in neutral. These signs could mean that an internal part of the transmission is breaking out.

You see leaking fluid. This is one of the easiest symptoms of transmission trouble to spot. If there’s a bright or dirty dark red leakage under the vehicle, it’s that car’s way of telling you that its leaking gasket or hose needs to be replaced already. But if you don’t want to invest in a used car that still needs to be fixed, you have to look for another prospect that doesn’t have transmission liquid issue.

You smell something burning. If you ask auto shops that sell used cars and other stuff like a Mercedes Benz used part, one of the first things you have to check when purchasing a second-hand car is its smell. If you test drive and smell something burning, it could be that the transmission fluid is getting overheated.

You experience a lack of response. Automatic transmissions are designed to help drivers drive more efficiently on the road. Whether you put your car in drive it in reverse, if it lacks responsiveness then it means something is wrong with your transmission.

Your gear shifts are rather rough. Similar to the case above, a second-hand car that doesn’t operate smoothly when shifting from one gear to another means there’s a problem in the transmission system. Bear in mind that you should never feel shaking or grinding sensation when you drive a car with a well-functioning transmission.

Your gears are slipping. When your prospective used car loses traction or slip out of gear, don’t make the mistake of buying that car. It means that the vehicle’s automatic transmission system has difficulties sending the right signal to your wheels. This could end up as a serious safety issue when you’re driving.

Your transmission warning light illuminates. Ask any expert in used cars or other stuff like a Mercedes Benz used part, and you’d find out that this serves as the ultimate symptom indicating that an automobile has some damage in its transmission. It’s better to have it checked by an expert as it could also mean that there are other more problems with your car.

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