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Common Security Mistakes Made by Car Dealerships

Common Security Mistakes Made by Car Dealerships 

No auto dealership can afford to treat security as an afterthought. Given how expensive cars, trucks and other vehicles are, even a small amount of product loss constitutes a significant financial hit. That being the case, it’s reasonable to assume that security would be the foremost priority of every dealership and car lot. However, many of these businesses have a habit of putting security on the backburner until theft or product loss actually occurs. Fortunately, keeping your inventory safe doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Dealerships looking to nip security mishaps in the bud should work to avoid the following mishaps.

Lack of Inventory Management Solutions

Depending on the size of your lot, keeping track of your inventory may be a lofty undertaking. While periodically doing a physical count of all your vehicles is still highly recommended, tech-based solutions can prove incredibly helpful to your inventory management efforts. This is where the products found at enter the equation. Zurich Connected Cars provides dealerships and rental companies with cutting-edge fleet management solutions for prices that are affordable on virtually any security budget. With the help of the company’s OBD adapters and convenient cloud-based management applications, you can instantly track the location of every vehicle on your lot.

Lack of Security Personnel

If theft has been a problem for your business, seasoned security personnel may be a worthwhile investment. Instead of tasking your regular staff with keeping track of your inventory on top of all their other responsibilities, you can provide everyone with peace of mind by hiring dedicated security professionals. The size and scope of your security team will vary depending on how large your dealership is, but most auto businesses should have at least one fulltime security officer on staff. The right person will spend their days patrolling the lot, taking physical stock of inventory and keeping a watchful eye out for prospective threats.

Lack of Monitoring Tools

While hiring security personnel can go a long way in preventing product loss, it’s not always an end-all solution. In order to perform their duties effectively and efficiently, your security officers will need some helpful tools of the trade at their disposal. Strategically-placed security cameras, in particular, can be a boon to their efforts at protecting your inventory. Physically patrolling the lot is an important part of maintaining security, but being able to monitor camera feeds from a remote location will enable your security crew to cover more ground with far less physical exertion. So if comprehensive security is what you’re after, take care to invest in some dependable monitoring tools.

Far too many dealerships and car lots have gaping holes in their security. Just because your business has been lucky for an extended period doesn’t mean that theft and product loss can’t occur. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, why not enact a few basic security measures to protect your most valuable resources? When working to close gaps in your business’s security, steer clear of the oversights discussed above.

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